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School/Community Boxing Classes

School & Youth Programs

Peter currently holds classes at local schools such as Mullumbimby, Byron Public School & Shearwater Steiner School. Peter works on raising self esteem, harnessing and redirecting negative energy and gaining skills and the confidence needed to address and resolve confronting issues.

The programs are designed age appropriate and used to counteract the disturbing trend in youth violence, binge drinking, anger, depression, ADHD, anxiety etc. with a strong ati bullying message. 
Students gain self esteem, self worth, emotional balance and a range of critical life skills. The classes have been facilitated by all the local schools, Byron and Mullumbimby Youth Service, the government OOSH program etc. 

Intellectual Disability Programs

Boxation specialise in group fitness classes for people with learning difficulties such as ADD & ADHD. 

Peter has a history of working with people who have a learning disabilities. Peters mother ran a home for intellectually disabled people, was chairman of me cap and was presented by the Queen for her 30 years charity work in that field.

Now boxation has entered a fulfilling dream to continue being involved in helping people, who need it the most in our community. The classes are high energy, pro-active and highly enjoyable. The program encourages its participants to own their frustration, anger, moodiness and to get it out, using no contact boxing, culminating in gentle stretching and meditation the complete holistic program. 

Anger Management

To learn boxing, martial arts or any other physical sport that involves sparring can actually make people less aggressive. It's true. Once you GET IT OUT the pressure is released and then issues can be resolved. Through boxing you can gain a greater sense of discipline, coordination and empowerment and you have an outlet in a safe environment with good direction.

At Boxation we believe that negative emotions such as anger, frustration, resentment, anxiety, depression ext. are just blocked emotions. By using the dynamics of boxing training and meditation the participants "GET IT OUT" then let the peace and love in. After the sessions everybody feels relaxed rejuvenated.