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About Boxation

BoxAtion uses the dynamics of boxing training with no contact, circuit training, yoga and meditation. The program targets negative energies or emotions such as anger, frustration and depression and leaves the participant with new levels of confidence and self-esteem. The program achieves this in a three step process;

Acceptance – understanding your emotions and allow the positive to overcome the negative.

Alignment – The physical and emotional body in alignment eliminates negativity.

Activation – The physical body released of negative energy is able to relax and experience a positive calming of the mind.

BoxAtion is a holistic approach to dealing with the stresses of day to day life. It channels physical, mental, and emotional energies. The young find they are releasing anger, high achievers find the ability to relax and free their mind, but all participants walk away from BoxAtion with a new sense of self-worth, confidence, calmness and general feelings of well-being.

As a champion UK boxer I developed BoxAtion after a trip to India which opened my eyes to the power of not only working with the physical body but also the importance of the human mental state. I have worked to bring both together and have helped many others gain the positive benefits of relaxing your mind through physical awareness.

My program has been successful in school groups, private classes, workshops, people with disabilities and in the corporate sector.

I am committed to helping as many people as possible enjoy life to the fullest by teaching them a tool that allows everyone to succeed.

Peter Gauge

Peter Gauge - Personal Trainer

Pete makes use of techniques he learned during a 75 fight amateur boxing career to provide a holistic approach to fitness, aimed at reducing stress while at the same time giving the body a complete workout. Peter has a strong community spirit and a passion for bringing out the positive quality of the youth in the local area.